Massachusetts votes “no” on more charters schools… by a wide margin

By Andrew Pillow

Massachusetts as a state has led the country in ed-reform. Trends often start in Massachusetts then migrate to other parts of the country. However, charter school advocates are hoping the latest Massachusetts trend isn’t a sign of things to come as Massachusetts overwhelmingly voted against chart school expansion.   

Mass Live sums up the loss.

“In a devastating loss for supporters of charter schools, Massachusetts voters on Tuesday voted against a ballot question that would have allowed the state to approve up to 12 new or expanded charter schools a year, outside of an existing cap.
With 40 percent of precincts reporting, the No on 2 effort was ahead, 62 percent to 38 percent. The Yes on 2 campaign sent out a statement conceding at 10:15 p.m.”

One of the principal reasons people cited was fear of a potential negative impact on traditional public schools.

Charter schools have been on the defense around the country lately. Taking attacks from everyone. To the NAACP to John Oliver.

It remains to be seen how this vote will interact with President Elect Trump’s pro charter agenda.

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Andrew Pillow

Andrew is a technology teacher at KIPP Indy College Prep. He is graduate of the University of Kentucky and a Teach for America Alum. Andrew just recently finished his commitment as a Teach Plus Policy fellow, and he is looking forward to putting the skills he's learned to good use. Andrew has written for several publications in the past on a wide variety of topics but will be sticking to education for his role on Indy/Ed.