Thousands of Indiana Students Leaving Money on the Table

By Andrew Pillow

If you know a student in the 21st Century Scholar program, chances are they’re missing out on free tuition. That is because according to new data, most of the students eligible for program have neglected some of the basic requirements.

According to their website “Earning the 21st Century Scholarship guarantees you’ll receive up to four years of undergraduate tuition at any participating public college or university in Indiana.”

Unfortunately, only 13 percent of Marion County high school juniors in the program have completed the necessary requirements.

A description of the requirements via says:

“There are 12 activities total that students are responsible for completing and tracking. To finish the program, students also must earn the state’s default Core 40 diploma, stay away from drugs, alcohol and crime and commit to taking 15 college credit hours per semester once they enroll in college.

The activities range in difficulty: Freshmen must sign up to use the state’s information tracking website and watch a “Paying for College 101” video, while seniors must report that they’ve submitted college applications and filed for federal student aid.”

The main theory on why students are not completing the requirements stems from a breakdown in parent and school communication.

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