Prison Funding Increases Three Times Faster than Education Funding

By Andrew Pillow

Much has been made of the lack of education funding. Usually proponents of increased school funding are told that there is not enough money. This latest report is going to make that a little bit harder to believe.

The new report says that basically when calculated by population, many states are spending several times the rate of funding on education, on incarceration.

The school to prison pipeline has recently become a bigger topic in Ed-Reform circles. This will likely fuel the conversation further.

Read more about the study here.

Read the full report here.


Andrew Pillow

Andrew is a technology teacher at KIPP Indy College Prep. He is graduate of the University of Kentucky and a Teach for America Alum. Andrew just recently finished his commitment as a Teach Plus Policy fellow, and he is looking forward to putting the skills he's learned to good use. Andrew has written for several publications in the past on a wide variety of topics but will be sticking to education for his role on Indy/Ed.