Program Encourages Schools to Give Students More Recess

By Andrew Pillow

Many schools have been cutting recess time for students. This has not come without controversy. However, a few schools in Texas are actually giving students more recess time.

A new program called the Link Project advocates for more recess in schools. The program started in Texas with four schools last year. The program has now expanded to 14 schools.

The Link Project, developed at Texas Christian University, combines recess and character development.

Bryan McLain, the principal of one of the schools using the program has seen positive results.

One result of allowing kids more time for recess, he said, has been increased instructional time “because the kids come back in and settle down and get to work because they know they will receive another recess before long.” He also said teachers referred kids to the office for disciplinary action less often as a result of the program and found that “kids are solving their own problems much more independently.”

“Our teachers and parents have completely embraced it, and I haven’t had a single parent complaint about it,” he said in an email. “… Teachers have to be very intentional and deliberate about their planning time and have done a remarkable job of working to meet the needs of the ‘whole child.'”

Learn more about the program here


Andrew Pillow

Andrew is a technology teacher at KIPP Indy College Prep. He is graduate of the University of Kentucky and a Teach for America Alum. Andrew just recently finished his commitment as a Teach Plus Policy fellow, and he is looking forward to putting the skills he's learned to good use. Andrew has written for several publications in the past on a wide variety of topics but will be sticking to education for his role on Indy/Ed.