2016: A Look Back at The Highlights

When a new year begins many times we make resolutions or goals of what we can do better, but we should also acknowledge what went well. Here are six positive educational spotlights from Indiana in 2016.

Just Tray No

A group of Sidener Academy students wanted their school district IPS to make more environmentally friendly choices.  To reduce the carbon footprint, the students wanted IPS to switch from polystyrene trays to paper trays.  They researched the harmful effects polystyrene trays have on our environment and presented their findings to IPS superintendent, Dr. Ferebee along with other school officials.  In May, at a board meeting, they learned IPS would switch to paper trays.

The School That Opened A City

Last summer, the documentary Attucks: The School That Opened a City, premiered to a sold out crowd at the Madame Walker Theatre.  Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet School began as an all-black school due to segregation.  The film details this history and the notable people who attended the school and the mark they made in history.  

ELEVATE Mentoring Program

Dr. Ferebee, IPS Superintendent, brought the ELEVATE program to Indianapolis Public Schools at no cost to the district.  This program uses teachers to mentor students in grades 4-12 outside of the classroom to help them stay focused and positively influence their educational outcomes.

Positive Learning Environments

In October, the Children’s Policy and Law Initiative held a summit called, “Moving Forward with Positive Learning Environments in Indiana.” Approximately 80 people attended including counselors, teachers, academic coaches, administrators, and school board members.  Panel members highlighted best practices and recommendations for creating and maintaining positive environments in Indiana schools.

High Five Rallies

The Urban Initiative Positive Influence School Rallies began in Indianapolis towards the end of 2015 and have continued throughout 2016.  Dr. Preston T. Adams wanted to have a positive impact on our youth.  Community members, including business men and officers, greeted students with high fives as they entered school.  In November 2016, Dr. Adams received the FOX59 and Community Health Network community hero award for his efforts.

Promising Practices

Indiana celebrated it’s 200th birthday in December.  In celebration of 200 years of statehood the IDOE decided to identify 200 promising practices happening in Indiana schools.