Help Name MSDWT New Schools

On election day, 71% of Washington Township voters supported the operations referendum and 70% supported the construction referendum.  The construction referendum allocated $185 million to support renovations to all district schools and construction of two new elementary schools to accommodate the district’s growth.  

Currently, the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township (MSDWT) has seven elementary schools:  Greenbriar, Allisonville, Nora, Spring Mill, John Strange, Fox Hill, and Crooked Creek.  After evaluating the conditions of two closed sites, Wyandotte and Harcourt, MSDWT decided it would be more cost effective to demolish these buildings and build two new schools.  Because the cost of renovating John Strange exceeded the cost of new construction and because the John Strange site could not accommodate a larger building, it will no longer be used as an elementary school once the new schools are built at the Wyandotte and Harcourt sites.

By Fall 2017, the district plans to release more details about the construction of the new elementary schools.  Currently, they would like feedback on naming the two schools via survey. The options for the new school to be built on the Wyandotte site are Clearwater Elementary School and Sycamore Springs Elementary School.  The options for the new school to be built on the Harcourt site are Willow Lake Elementary School and Highland Elementary School.  They have also provided a blank for stakeholders to provide comments.  The potential names were determined based on Indianapolis’ neighborhoods and landmarks.

MSDWT encourages stakeholders to access its website to stay current on referenda updates and updates from Superintendent Dr. Nikki Woodson.