Indianapolis school crowns first transgender prom king

 Instagram via @alanchrismont

Instagram via @alanchrismont

By Andrew Pillow

The crowning of the prom king and queen is always a special moment. However, it was extra special for one Indianapolis student. North Central high school crowned their first transgender prom king. Alan Belmont, a transgender male, is now the holder of that distinction.

High school wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for Belmont. He came out during his sophomore year and faced bullying shortly thereafter.

At one point someone took Belmont’s homecoming king poster down and crossed out the word “king” and replaced it with “queen”.

Things like that made high school hard harder for him than the average student, but according to Belmont, students shouldn’t let incidents like that get them down as he told WTHR:

“I want kids to know that confidence is the key to surviving bullying. If you love yourself, negative words mean nothing if you know they aren’t true. Believe your own happiness and love over others’ negativity and hate.”

Watch the full story below or read more here. (WTHR)


Andrew Pillow

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