Parents, Teachers Aren’t Miracle Workers; Your Child Needs to Be Present to Learn

Indianapolis is a city with various school choice options.  I could live in Pike Township, but choose to send my children to a Washington Township school.  I could live within the boundaries of IPS, but choose to send my children to another school within the district instead of my neighborhood boundary school.  I could live within the boundaries of Beech Grove, but choose to send my children to a charter school.  With 11 school districts within Indianapolis and charter school options, parents have many school choices, but some parents who decide to transfer their children to another school don’t do their part to ensure their children can be successful at the out of boundary school.  

Although some charter schools in Indiana provide busing, others do not, and if you are transferring your children to another school district, you have to provide your own transportation.  Choosing to send your children to a school you feel is a better fit is not the best choice if you will not get your children to school on time or if your children are habitually late to school.  For some reason, these parents believe that if their children are there at school for part of the school day or part of the school week, the teacher can work miracles and ensure your children achieve at the same level as other children with good attendance.  

For this reason, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation in Senate Enrolled Act 108 - Education Matters, to help schools who have accepted transfer students.  Under this legislation, schools can end a student’s transfer enrollment due to chronic absences.  When I see transfer students being dropped off at my school right before lunch time on a regular basis, there is no one else to blame but the parents. These children have missed important instruction during the day.  Then some of these parents have the audacity to chew out the teacher about why their children are not on grade level.  Teachers, schools, and districts are held accountable for each child’s success, and parents should also be held accountable.  This has to be a partnership and if parents won’t do their part, they should not come pointing fingers at us.