A New School Year - Tips for Students

It is important for students to take ownership of their education.  Teachers, parents, and community members are here to support students and help them learn, but students also must be willing to do their part.  I graduated from high school in 2001; it’s been a while since I was in primary or secondary school.  I decided to ask my English students at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School to brainstorm tips students should follow and provide an explanation of why their tips are important.  Below, I have complied their top five tips with the explanations they provided.   

Come to school well rested.

It is important to have a good night’s sleep, so you can come to school ready to learn.  There’s nothing worse than trying to remember what your teacher is saying or trying to get work done when you are sleepy.

Arrive to school on time and do not skip classes.

You should arrive to school and class on time because you could miss important information.  You should not be late unless it is an emergency.  It is important to attend school each day so you will have a good record for the future.  Colleges look at your records and poor attendance could count against you.  Coming to class shows your teachers you are committed.  They are more willing to help committed students.

Be respectful and safe.

Be respectful to yourself and others around you.  Respect the teacher because you have to remember, the teacher has the degree; you don’t. Being respectful also means keeping yourself and others safe.  Don’t be a coward.  Own up to what you have done wrong and then change your behavior.  It is hard for anyone to learn in a class where students are disrespectful and it is not safe.

Don’t procrastinate; do your homework.

If the teacher tells you an assignment is due tomorrow, you should complete it before then.  Never do your homework later - do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might forget and then you will be rushing to complete it; you don’t need that kind of stress in your life.  When you do your work, always strive for an 80% or higher on all your assignments in every class.  If you need help, ask. Please, don’t skip an assignment because you were afraid to ask for help.

Avoid distractions and drama.

Stay off of your cell phone and don’t play with toys during class because you will not be able to concentrate and stay focused.  Keep to yourself so you will not be in a lot of drama.  Drama distracts you from your education and could cause you to make poor choices.


Teachers are here to help us succeed in life.  The least students can do is be respectful and ready to learn.