Whose Child Has to Die for Gun Reform to Take Place?


Whose child has to die for gun reform to take place?  I want to know because the lack of change must mean the wrong children have died.  Their parents will have to bear the most significant burden life could hurl their way - outliving a child.  These parents must not have suffered enough.  Their pain, mourning, and forever shattered lives are not broken enough for policy to change.

Which teacher or coach needs to be gunned down while shielding students from a barrage of bullets?  Their children must not be important enough for us to fight for change.  We must be okay with educators’ children wondering if their parents loved their students more than them because they sacrificed themselves to protect their students.

Which student survivors need to be traumatized?  The trauma student survivors face as they watch their classmates take their last breath as they dive into classrooms and duck under desks must not be damaging enough.  That’s right; they should be grateful to be alive and count their blessings.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in response to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, “We just need to step back and count our blessings...we need to think less about taking sides and fighting each other politically.”

It’s easy to offer up platitudes when tragedy has not come crashing through your door.

It’s easy to pray when your family is not writing a child’s obituary.

Whose child has to die for policymakers to worry less about re-election and more about addressing the issues we elected them to tackle?  

Until our policymakers take action despite the consequences to themselves, then I’m convinced they believe the children who have died in school shootings weren’t important enough, the children who have lost  parents because they jumped in front of their students don’t matter, and the student survivors who can’t shake seeing the life of their classmates slip away are insignificant.

Find out who your elected officials are and where they stand.  Let them know they can’t hide behind prayer and mental health...it’s not like they are reforming our healthcare system to address that either.

Use your power to vote them out of office.  If you vote for them knowing they won’t fight for gun reform then maybe you should ask yourself, “Whose child has to die then?”