Take Your Child to the Library Day

 JB & JJ with their library cards.

JB & JJ with their library cards.

The first Saturday in February is Take Your Child to the Library Day (TYCLD).  TYCLD is an international initiative that began in Connecticut by two librarians Nadine Lipman and Caitlin Augusta and artist Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.  If you missed going to the library on the first Saturday of February, no worries.  According to the TYCLD website, “TYCLD is flexible and customizable - celebrations may take place on any date(s) in February that suit your library, your community, and your goals.”  These women created this initiative to encourage families to take their children to their local library and utilize their programming and services.

Below are some ways my family has utilized The Indianapolis Public Library.

My First Library Card

Did you know your child could have a library card before he or she turns one?  After my twins sons’ first birthday, we got them the My First Library Card.  This card is for children 0-6.  Your child can check out up to 25 books and there are no fines.  Around your child’s 6th birthday, he or she will receive a Happy Birthday card in the mail about obtaining a regular library card.

Bunny Book Bags

The Bunny Book Bags are bags of 20 books for children.  No two bags are alike.  There are also Baby Bunny Book Bags with board books for babies.  Parents can check these bags out on their library card.  I checked out two.  These bags came in handy when I didn’t want to go out into the world with twin toddlers.

Download and Stream for Kids

On the days you can’t get out to the library, you can stream and download books online using your library card.  Your library card number is your username for the services and the last four numbers of your library card is your pin.  If you don’t have a library card yet or have misplaced it, your children can still access the three resources below online for free.

Study Time

Although we live in Washington Township, we live closer to the Pike Library which is next to Pike High School. Whenever, I’m there with my boys, students are studying at tables or completing work on the computer.  The library is a great place for children to complete homework minus the distractions they may come across at home.


Each branch of IMCPL has an event calendar.  The calendars include events for children, adults, and families. We have went to the library a few times to watch movies with other families and since our boys love animals, we have attended the Animalia events a few times.

This is just a snapshot of all the wonderful resources The Indianapolis Public Library has to offer.  Make a point to take your children to different libraries across the city. So far, my children and I have visited six: Pike, Nora, Eagle, Wayne, InfoZone and Central, but there are so many more across the city.  Go check them out!