Phenomenal Indiana Woman: Shavonne L. Holton


Shavonne L. Holton’s day job is serving as an academic advisor for a university in the Midwest, but her passion is helping artists and authors bring out the story inside of them.  One of her favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Shavonne is the phenomenal woman behind VK Press.  The ‘V’ is from her first name Shavonne and the ‘K’ is from her middle name LaKaye.  VK Press is a publishing company that connects the independent writer with the freelance artist to make a global impact.  Her publishing company helps authors publish ebooks, soft and hardcover books, and audiobooks.  “I love working with underdogs who have unmatched talent.  Although I am located in central Indiana, I market outside of the state.  I want to make a global impact,” Holton shared. 

A foundational component of her work is connecting with independent bookstores.  She sets up events in those bookstores to promote her authors’ work.  She highlighted one of her author’s work at the Indy Reads bookstore. Holton stated, “I’m taking my newest author to a bookstore in Chicago and I also plan to do readings at other independent bookstores in Cincinnati and Atlanta.” She wants her authors to connect with people in person.

Publishing is just one arm of her work.  Holton also produces a blog called All Things Inspiration and has a podcast called Ladies Night Podcast.  Holton recounted, “For my blog, I want my writers to write about whatever inspires them such as traveling or their children.”

Although Holton’s focus is bringing out the stories in others, she is also a published author.  Her first book, Dating Daddy:  Realizing God as Father Through Daddy Issues and Bad Romance, focuses on her relationships and the problems she had due to unresolved issues with her earthly father and how she overcame those issues by working on her relationship with her heavenly father.

Her next book, to be released later this month, is Writing to Resonate.  Holton reflected on the purpose of her next book.  “This book is for the aspiring self-published author.  I want writers to focus on writing from intrinsic motivation instead of the extrinsic motivation of fame and money.”  This book ties into the reason she takes her authors to events at independent bookstores.  She continued, “I want authors to approach their work by clearly identifying their ideal reader. As we do readings throughout the country, I want them to authentically connect to those readers.”

Holton has this advice for other women:

Don’t be afraid.  I think one of the biggest things we do is doubt ourselves.  We often think “I want to do this” or “I believe I’m led to do that.” What holds us back is fear. Fear of not doing things right. If I could speak to my younger self, I would tell her to get out of your head.  I am most certain that I over thought a lot of things and I let those thoughts make me shy away.   I thought that there was more opposition against me than trusting in miracles, but you should believe in the good.  

During Women’s History Month, we salute this phenomenal Indiana woman and her work to bring out the stories in others.

You can connect with Shavonne L. Holton and VK Press on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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