Teacher Appreciation Week 2018


Monday, May 7 kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week. What are you doing to recognize staff members at your school during Teacher Appreciation Week? During this week, principals, students, and parents have an opportunity to celebrate the hard work teachers do all year long.

I've learned early on as a school leader that recognizing teachers is a critically important part of my job and affects the success of a school. Teaching can sometimes feel like unappreciated effort day in and day out. Many teachers can go an entire year without the appreciation they deserve for all they do for their students and their school.

It is vital we recognize our teachers throughout the year, but there is nothing wrong with dedicating a special week to them each year. The idea began in 1980 when Congress declared Teacher Appreciation Day on March 7, 1980. The following year, the NEA and other affiliates continued to observe Teacher Appreciation Day the first Tuesday in March up until 1985. Then, they established Teacher Appreciation Week for the first full week of May. If you are short ideas on what to do for Teacher Appreciation Week here are some ideas:

  • "Thank You Breakfast"

  • Student vs staff basketball game

  • Personalized “Thank You” note

  • Have the principal take over the teacher’s class to give them an extra break throughout the day

  • Provide doughnuts in the morning -- for no special reason at all other than to say, "Thank you."

  • Take a teacher's duty as a reward for a special contribution.

  • Jeans day for staff

  • Raffle drawing for a “two-hour break” or “leave school early”

  • Plan a "Pamper Day."

  • Have students make random shutouts to their teachers

  • Staff lunch purchased by the administration


Here is how we are celebrating teachers at Tindley Summit:

  • Monday - Mini Bottles of Lotion with the saying, “I know our scholars are in great hands.”

  • Tuesday - Handheld fans with the saying, “We are your greatest fans”

  • Wednesday - Doughnut Day

  • Thursday - Goldfish Crackers with the saying, “You are offishly the best”

  • Friday - Staff Lunch

I want to say to all the teachers that read this blog, thank you for your unselfish effort day in and day out to ensure your students receive the best education possible. You are the rock that holds each school day together and you may never see the fruits of your labor, but always remember you played a part.



David McGuire

Mr. McGuire is a middle school teacher in Indianapolis, Teach Plus Policy Fellow, and currently enrolled in a doctoral program at Indiana State University for Educational Leadership. Driven by the lack of having an African American male teacher in his classrooms growing up, David helped launched the Educate ME Foundation, which is geared towards increasing the number of African American male teachers in the classroom. A born and raised Hoosier, he is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for all students in Indianapolis. He describes his educational beliefs as a reformer grounded in the best practices of traditional public schools, where he was mentored by strong leaders. David graduated from Central State University with a degree in English and also holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University.