Teachers, Male or Female, who Engage in Sex Acts with Children Have No Place in the Classroom


Teachers should groom students to become top scholars, not groom them to satisfy their perverse sexual desires.  I am deeply disturbed each time I read about another teacher who is caught in a sex scandal with a student.  What pisses me off is female teachers, who are predators, tend to receive lighter consequences.  

Take for example Dori Myers who is a married high school teacher in Bronx, NY.  She admitted guilt in court to performing oral sex on a 14-year old student.  She will not go to jail. She will not lose her teaching license.  All she received is probation.

Andrew Stoll, Myers’ lawyer, stated, “She still is a talented teacher and has those skills, and I don’t see any reason to destroy her ability to make a living and to contribute to society in a positive way.”  She physically and mentally messed with a child.  Her mouth should have only been used to deliver instruction.  Sure, she might not be able to get a job teaching job in the Bronx, but she didn’t lose her license which means she could find a job in another city or even another state. Why are we more concerned about this teacher’s well-being than the well-being of students?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pedophilia as, “sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; specifically: a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child.”  When evidence seems to suggest a female teacher is a pedophile, why does she receive a slap on the wrist?  Why is she allowed to keep her teaching license? Why does the media portray her actions as less serious?

This has to stop.  It is bad enough that students come to school traumatized based on situations that took place outside of school, but it is even worse when that trauma comes from your teacher.  Students are still developing physically and emotionally and they should not be involved a sexual encounter with anyone including their teachers.

We need laws changed because no teacher, male or female, who desires inappropriate relationships with children should be allowed to work in a school.